Cincinnati Radio Frequencies



AAR Ch. Usage
CSX Transportation 160.230 08 Primary road channel for the terminal, Toledo Sub, Indiana Sub, Indianapolis Sub, and Cincinnati Sub..
CSX Transportation 161.100 66 LC Dispatcher, controls the terminal
CSX Transportation 161.370 84 a.k.a. "L&N" or "Seaboard" channel, used in the yard.  Primary road channel for the CC Sub and LCL sub.
CSX Transportation 161.520 94 Dispatcher for Cincinnati Subdivision
CSX Transportation 160.590 32 Dispatcher for CC sub
CSX Transportation 160.320 14 Dispatcher for Indiana sub and Indianapolis sub.
CSX Transportation 161.310 80 Dispatcher for LCL Subdivision
CSX Transportation 160.290 12 Dispatcher for Toledo sub north of Hamilton.
CSX Transportation 161.340 82 Queensgate Yard car department, air brake tests performed in this frequency.
CSX Transportation 160.530 28 CSX intermodal ramp
CSX Transportation 161.550 96 Industrial Yard and jobs based from there (Y190, Y290)
CSX Transportation 160.785 45 Engineering Department
CSX Transportation 160.770 44 Queensgate Hump
CSX Transportation 160.425 21 Trim 1
CSX Transportation 160.605 33 Trim 2
CSX Transportation 160.635 35 Trim 3
CSX Transportation 161.280 78 Trim 4
CSX Transportation 160.410 / 161.340 20 / 82 Car Inspectors repeater (input / output)
Norfolk Southern 160.950 56 Primary road channel for 1st District CNO&TP and Gest Street Yard
Norfolk Southern 160.245 09 Ch. 2, used by dispatcher to pass track warrants, etc.
Norfolk Southern 160.440 22 Primary road channel for Lake Division (New Castle Dist. & Cincinnati Dist.)
Norfolk Southern 160.980 58 Primary road channel for Dayton District east of Sharonville
Norfolk Southern 161.250 76 Gest Street Yard switching
Norfolk Southern 161.190 72 NS Intermodal Yard switching
Norfolk Southern 161.070 64 Sharon & Moraine Yard switching
Norfolk Southern 161.205 73 Railroad Police
Indiana & Ohio 161.385 85 Primary road frequency for McCullough Yard, Oasis Sub, Blue Ash Sub, Mason Sub, and Brookville Sub.
Indiana & Ohio 161.220 74 Primary road frequency for Midland and DT&I Subdivisions
Indiana & Ohio 160.545 29 Primary road frequency for CIND sub
Great Miami 160.905 53 Primary channel
Proctor & Gamble 457.5625 n/a Intra-plant switching
Newport Steel 156.500 n/a Intra-plant switching
AK Steel 153.290 n/a Intra-plant switching
AK Steel 855.6375 n/a Intra-plant switching
AK Steel 810.6375 n/a Intra-plant switching

Listening notes

CSX Transportation: If you are watching trains in the immediate Cincinnati area, it is essential to have 160.230 in your scanner.  All signals are called on this frequency.  In addition, trains arriving and departing Queensgate Yard are required to inform the proper office in the yard that they are doing so on 161.370.  Whenever a move is to be made outside of the yard itself, trains must inform the "CK" Dispatcher in Jacksonville, unless the trainmaster at Queensgate has already done so via telephone.  If done by radio, it will be heard on 161.100, another essential channel. 

Norfolk Southern: NS is relatively easy to keep an ear on.  All trains arriving at Gest Street yard must call "DI" Tower on 160.950 or 160.440.  160.950 is the main channel south of the Ohio River and in the yard.  160.440 is used on the New Castle District and the Cincinnati District, while 160.980 is used on the former Conrail Cincinnati Line east of Sharonville.

Indiana & Ohio / Central RR of Indiana: Operations are conducted on 161.385 and 160.545.  Dispatching and most switching is handled on these frequencies.

Top Twelve "Must have frequencies" for railfanning Cincinnati:

CSX 160.230

CSX 161.100

CSX 161.370

CSX 160.320

CSX 161.520

CSX 160.590

CSX 160.290

NS 160.950

NS 160.440

NS 160.980

I&O 161.385

CIND 160.545

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