C&O to Russell, Kentucky

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway mainline to Cincinnati was completed in 1880.  Running along the Ohio River for almost the entire route to Russell, the line sees a substantial mix of manifest, steel and coal traffic, averaging 12 to 16 trains per day.  It is also the route of Amtrak's train into Cincinnati, the "Cardinal".

Mile Post (Eastbound) Station Name Notes
CA 665.0 B&O Junction Queensgate Yard
CA 664.9 / BE 0.9 CT Junction Jct. C&O to Tower A, covered under B&O to Lima timetable
CA 663.8 OB Cabin  
CA 662.6 KC Junction Jct. L&N to Corbin
CA 661.1 NX Cabin Jct. Wilder Branch
CA 659.0 Dayton  
CA 650.5 (begin double track) Melbourne Jct. Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision
CA 644.0 Oneonta  
CA 641.9 (single track) New Richmond  
CA 636.2 (begin double track) ME Cabin  
CA 633.8 Carntown  
CA 630.5 (end double track) Foster  
CA 621.8 Augusta 10,670 ft. siding
CA 608.4 (begin double track) LC Cabin  
CA 606.2 BH Cabin  
CA 603.4 West Maysville  
CA 601.7 Maysville Amtrak station
CA 596.2 (end double track) Springdale  
CA 583.8 Concord 14,740 ft. siding
CA 572.0 Vanceburg  
CA 566.9 Garrison 15,640 ft. siding
CA 550.2 (begin double track) South Portsmouth  
CA 548.1 South Shore Amtrak station
CA 547.9 Taylor  
CA 542.9 NJ Cabin Jct. CSX Northern sub-div. / 7110 ft. siding
CA 541.1 (begin triple track) Limevile  
CA 539.4 (begin double track) DG Cabin 4370 ft. siding
CA 532.4 Greenup  
CA 531.7 (begin triple track) Riverton  
CA 527.8 RJ Cabin Russell Yard limits


Defect Detectors

CA 655.0 - Dayton, Kentucky

CA 639.9 - California, Kentucky

CA 616.4 - Augusta, Kentucky

CA 593.6 - Sandhill, Kentucky

CA 573.0 - Vanceburg, Kentucky

CA 551.3 - South Portsmouth, Kentucky

CA 535.9 - Greenup, Kentucky

Radio Frequencies

160.230 - Road #1

161.520 - HD Dispatcher

Q573 has just passed B&O Jct. on the approach to CT Junction.
K811 with Canadian Pacific power heads south at CT Junction.
A northbound heads for Queensgate at CT Junction.
Q241 southbound at CT Junction on the former CUT Co. line.
Q236 northbound at CT Junction with pig iron from the Port of Cincinnati
Sunset at CT Junction with Q231
A C&O Baldwin AS616 meets a NYC steam loco at Baymiller Street.
Q573 southbound on the C&O Bridge with Paul Brown Stadium in the background.
A transfer between PC and L&N crosses into Covington. The new Riverfront Stadium looms in the background.
Light power moves past OB Cabin on May 16, 1982.
Amtrak #50 at OB Cabin in Covington.
C&O train #2 arrives at Covington in 1970.
C&O train #2 spots its cars on the platform.
Passing the ruins of the Covington passenger station, which was used by C&O and L&N trains.
Robbins Street in Covington, just east of the station.
C&O 4415 at Robbins Street in 1981.
Another view of Robbins Street, this time in 1987.
Eastbound under the 12th Street bridge at KC Junction.
A coal train passes KC Junction, which was demolished in 2002.
R221 on the Horn at KC Junction in Covington, Kentucky.
Westbound G029 crosses the Licking River Bridge at Covington, Kentucky.
Amtrak #50 rockets eastbound by the signal at Melbourne.
Amtrak #51 passes a farm west of Oneonta.
Q319 at Bradford.  These signals were removed in November, 2005.
There is no fog like an Ohio Valley fog along the C&O.
Local kids seem oblivious to a westbound passing through Augusta.
Q319 between Stony Point and Augusta with the Ohio River in the background.
N643 at the newly installed crossovers at West Maysville as seen from the US 68 bridge.
TTI at Maysville.
Amtrak #50 at dawn blasts by west of Vanceburg.
At the west end of Garrison, Q317 heads west to Cincinnati.
Q317 westbound at Siloam.
K185 rolls east at DG Cabin.
The engine pit at Russell in 1989.
13 years later....
R303 passes RU Cabin at the east end of Russell Yard.

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