Amtrak in Cincinnati

    Amtrak operates the "Cardinal", a New York - Chicago - New York train through Cincinnati three days per week in each direction.  For detailed information on this train, click on this link to Amtrak's website.

Be certain to verify the schedule with Amtrak prior to departure!

#50 Eastbound Departure Time (W/F/Su)


#51 Westbound Departure Time (M/Th/Sa)










Tips for riding out of Cincinnati:

Be sure to budget plenty of time at Cincinnati, as you have a long walk from the parking lot to the station. The Amtrak station is located just to the right of the entrance of the Omnimax Theater at Union Terminal. Walk straight back when you enter the front door of the Terminal past the info booth and stairs. If you've never been to CUT, allow a little time to explore the rotunda. It's impressive.

Keep your scanner tuned to 160.230 and 161.100. The train always calls the station on 160.230 when they get by CT Junction or Hopple Street so baggage can get down to the platform for quick loading / unloading. That will alert you to get your stuff together.

Once you pass Melbourne eastbound (about 25 minutes out of Cincinnati), change dispatcher frequencies to 161.520.  Westbound, change to 160.320 at Hamilton.

A few things to watch for as you leave Cincinnati EASTBOUND:

The Ohio River bridge is impressive. At OB Cabin at the end of the bridge, the right side will show the remains of the old Covington train station platform. You will then go around a sharp curve and under some bridges.  Shortly you pass KC Junction where the C&O connects with the L&N (KC = Kentucky Central). You will go across the Licking River truss bridge soon after passing KC Jct. On the right, the Wilder Branch will connect with the C&O at NX Cabin. A tower may be viewed on the left side at the east end of Silver Grove Yard. That is CS Cabin and it is a 30's vintage concrete structure. Depots remain at Maysville, Vanceburg, Russell (water stop), Ashland, and Catlettsburg. Towers may be seen at NJ Cabin (jct. with the Northern Sub), RJ Cabin (west end of Russell Yard), RU Cabin (east end of Russell Yard), and Big Sandy Jct. in Catlettsburg.

WESTBOUND: The mammoth CSX Queensgate Yard will be on the left for the first few miles after leaving the terminal.  The first historic structure the train will pass will be the quaint station at Glendale, which will be on the left.  That is at milepost 15.  Look for it as soon as the train calls the signal at Sharon Road / Glendale.  The next neat structure is at Hamilton.  The large passenger station will be on your right.  Unfortunately, there is not much scenery on the westbound run other than Indiana farmland, however there are additional depots to be seen at Oxford and Connersville.

Amtrak #51 running very late passes a semaphore at Glenwood, Indiana.
Amtrak #51 meets a southbound CSX train at Wyoming.
Amtrak #50 at Melbourne, Kentucky at the east end of the old C&O Stevens Yard.
Amtrak #51 westbound at Oneonta, Kentucky on the former C&O east of Cincinnati.
Amtrak #50 blasts by west of Vanceburg, Kentucky.

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